White wines and red wines from the Weinhof der Vielfalt in the Vulkanland in south-eastern Styria.

At our wine farm we offer white wines and red wines of excellent quality for sale. Take a look at our diverse assortment and secure your favourite wine! We will gladly provide you with further information upon request.

Kiddy Frizz, Grape Juice Frizzante non-alcoholic

Packaged in cute 0.33-litre bottles, this noble soft drink with an absolute natural base is just as much fun for children as it is for drivers and anyone who wants to enjoy top quality without alcohol. Wieselburg-premium, in red and white      


As the main variety in Eastern Styria, this variety has the largest share of the entire range. The eye recognises clear, light green-yellow colour reflections. In the aroma, green apples, citrus-like tropical fruits and Sauvignon notes. Lively acid components are an important part of this speciality.

Pinot Blanc

The classic "Klevner", as the Pinot Blanc is also called, has a very long tradition in our house. In the 60s, it was often produced as a sweet wine, but for many years now it has found its fans as a dry wine. Fine-fruity to nutty and with moderate acidity, it is a timeless companion.


In Styria, often known in the rustic form as "Morillon", this variety offers many facets of good taste. From walnut with an exotic note to kiwi and pineapple. Colloquially also known as "Feinburgunder".


The famous domain of the Wachau also experiences very good classic style with us. The best sites and enormous craftsmanship combine to bring this wine to perfection. Stone fruits such as apricots and peaches give an idea of what to expect. The tangy yet rounded acidity makes it an excellent companion to asparagus dishes.

Sauvignon Blanc

The variety from France brings great joy to Styrian winegrowers. No matter whether you are infatuated with elderberry, prefer black currant and gooseberry or indulge in the various shades of paprika, Sauvignon blanc simply belongs on every festive table. Due to the low hanging, the yield per hectare is far below that of other varieties, which does justice to a reasonable price structure. In any case, the sugar quality is significantly higher than that of most other varieties.

Yellow muscatel

A newcomer that has become indispensable in recent years. Enormously formed grapes demand a hard heart to cut them up, so that the reward finally corresponds to the effort. Incomparable muscat aromas make the nasal nerves dance. Once a hearty sip has been distributed in the mouth, you can't wait for the next sip.

Pinot Grigio

This variety has a long tradition in our house (formerly Ruländer). Since around 1990, this variety - which is similar to Traminer - has been vinified exclusively as a Prädikat in our cellar. Vast colour nuances from copper to rose tones stimulate the imagination. The nose is consistently reminiscent of caramel. The bright palate is perfect once the first drop is on the tongue....

Zweigelt (Blue Zweigelt)

For a long time our most important red wine variety, but today it shares places with other varieties on the red wine market due to its diversity. Zweigelt always produces good yields and very solid ripeness values. The facets of ageing can include claret (fast-pressed or white-pressed) or in rosé colours of various shades. The main goal, however, is to produce colourful, muted ruby red wines with a suitable tannic element. For this, the winemaker's feeling is required to carry out the grape correction on the vine conscientiously and in time.


This red wine variety, mainly native to the south of the country and France, has extraordinary potential. The wood is rather moderate in growth, but very sensitive to frost, the grapes very loose-grained and easy to care for. Very good ripeness values around 19° to 20° KMW guarantee fully mature wines with little astringent tannins.

Shiraz (Syrah)

The origin of this exotic is in Persia. It thrives under the growth of strong wood and beautiful, cylindrical grapes to a fragrant speciality. Best grape health even in unfavourable weather conditions. Maiden harvest 2012, with low barrique content


Born in 1999 and initially cuvéed from Zweigelt and Blauburger, today three varieties (Rösler, Rathay and/or Zweigelt/Merlot) combine to create a deep violet-dark, fruit-driven and smooth wine. State winner finalist 2013.


A house brand, which - as the name suggests' - is produced on a fruity basis, in any case without the use of wood. Normally made from the Zweigelt grape. With Fructicus we were in total 6 times in the state finals, 2 of which were state winners (2011, 2021).

"Red For Woman" (RFW, R4W)

A clever strategy for all those who prefer a light, drinkable and fruity red wine, but who are not crazy about wood ageing. Is not pressed every year


Zweigelt and Merlot were blended as rosé wines. The juices were not macerated, but separated from the mash immediately after pressing. The result: fantastically fruity wines, some bottled as Frizzante (regional winner 100 Best of the Region).

Magnum bottles

(1,5 LT, 3,0 LT, 5,0 LT) On request also other sizes and/or with your individual label and wooden gift boxes for birthdays, company anniversaries etc. 

Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine available in 0.375 (minimum), 0.75 (standard) and 1.5 (magnum), different varieties - as well as Frizzante made from Schilcher quality wine.