Awards for our wines m Weinhof der Vielfalt in Vulkanland in south-eastern Styria.

Many of our wines have won awards and prizes. Our farm can point to a total of six finalists, a state and national winner as well as several regional winners. Here you can find an overview of our awards.

Awards - Every year, many award-winning wines at the Styrian regional wine evaluation.

Award-winning Buschenschank

The "Ausgezeichnete Buschenschank" is a special kind of rural gastronomic enterprise. Subject to the strict guidelines and controls of a jury from "Gutes vom Bauernhof" and the Styrian Chamber of Commerce / Department of Viticulture, this special business is subject to many criteria that are noticeably different from its competitors.

Gutes vom Bauernhof

The quality programme "Gutes vom Bauernhof", a brand of the Austrian Chamber of Agriculture, stands for farm-based food production at the highest level. The aim is to support the professionals among the direct marketers and to offer consumers more quality and experience.


Current awards of our company, in descending order

Our Muscat DAC 2022 was named the winner in 2023.

Regional winner Styria 2021

Area Winner - The 100 Best Wines of the Region 2021

National finalist "Merlotwurz'n" (house salami)

Silver for Karree

Gold for hamburger bacon and cooked ham

Semi-finalist 2018 with Chardonnay

National finalist with Zweigelt "Fructicus" 2017

Semi-finalist Winzersekt Rieslingsekt 2015

National finalist 2013 with Cuvée Steirabluat and semi-final with Muskateller

Multi-champion 2013 in the 100 best wines of the region: Weissburgunder finalist, Chardonnay finalist and Merlot category winner

State Winner Finalist 2012 with Morillon / Chardonnay

Merlot 2011 is area champion 2012

Fruit Juice Champion Austria 2012

State winner 2011 for Zweigelt Klassik 2010

Uhudler grape juice 2011 awarded in gold, the green nut liqueur in silver

Styrian Bacon and Rarities Award 2011 Gold

Double Gold for Karreespeck and Merlotwurz'n

"Golden Pear" (national winner) for Windhudler grape juice 2010 in Wieselburg, Europe's largest direct marketing fair

Hundreds of award-winning wines and sparkling wines in total, at the Landesweinbewertung, LK Steiermark

Semi-finalist LWB 2010 (Welschriesling 2009)
Silver Badge of Honour of the Province of Styria in February 2010 for special services to Styrian viticulture

2x silver for Karreespeck and Hauswürstel (Merlotwurz'n) 2010

Finalist LWB 2010 Zweigelt 2007 Reserve (Best of Styria) alongside 6 other award-winning wines and sparkling wine

3x Gold for various grape juices in February 2010 by LK Steiermark

2x bronze for Karree and Hamburgerspeck 2009

Area Winner Sauvignon Blanc 2008

Silver Easter Ham Award 2007