About us

Hospitality in the best family tradition at our winery in the Vulkanland in south-eastern Styria.

Following an old family tradition, we serve the best quality wines to our guests at our winery.

The beginnings of our winery

Our estate, first mentioned in a document in 1712, originally belonged to the manor of Hartmannsdorf (today Markt Hartmannsdorf). The delicious grape elixir has already been drunk on about 20 hectares of vineyards. At the beginning of the 20th century, there was already a small wine tavern with direct carriers. The first step towards quality viticulture was taken by our Franz, who after his return from captivity began to ferment fruit juices in a large kitchen.

From the 1990s to today

In February 1992, Siegi, the current owner of the estate and Viticulture and cellar master, gave up his carpentry trade and took over the small winery together with professional chef Marina. After many years of building up the estate, sometimes with bitter setbacks, we are now swimming on a wave of success and can point to countless award-winning wines. By the way, our smoked products, which since 2013 have only been cured without nitrite and served in portions at the Buschenschank (no farm-gate sales), have also won awards.

Outlook - Business Succession

Son Christoph trained as a winemaker from 2002 to 2004. In 2014 he met Tamara, whom he married in mid-2021. Tamara as a trained cook has also completed the training as a winemaker as a lateral entrant in the business and has entered into a KG with the old master Siegi as managing director. Thus, the business with a long tradition of quality became today's "Weinhof der Vielfalt KG". Tamara is not only extremely creative in designing beautiful buffets, she also lends a hand wherever it is needed. Extremely worth mentioning is her love for music. Not only engaged in several brass bands, her reputation as an entertainment professional on the "Styrian" precedes her. Since in our house for many decades with pleasure was made music and sung, this is the perfect rounding.